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det. (eye dialect of any English)

Usage examples of "anny".

Yet Anny and Velines thought I looked so alive: perhaps I am too used to my face.

At one moment they threw a completely blank image on the screen, the darkness lifted, and I saw Anny was crying.

The landlady leads me to her office and holds out a long thick yellow envelope:   Anny had ritten to me.

I hold the envelope between my fingers, I dare not open it: Anny hasn't changed her letter paper, I wonder if she still buys it at the little stationer's in Piccadilly.

I used to run, Anny would open the door for me, her eyebrows raised, looking surprised.

I try to refresh my memory: I need to feel all the tendernes that Anny inspires.

And then, when Annyleft me, all of a sudden, all at once, the three years crumbled into the past.

Yet I should know that Anny would never agree to grow old in front of me.

I would have liked to see her again in my strength: Anny is without pity for strayed sheep.

Sometimes when Anny and I went into a restaurant in Piccadilly we felt ourselves the objects of admiring attention.

Before, Anny always used to carry an immense trunk full of shawls, turbans, mantillas, Japanese masks, pictures of Epinal.

In the old days, when I saw Anny again, whether after a twenty‑four‑hour absence or on waking in the morning, I could never find the words she expected, the words which went with her dress, with the weather, with the last words we had spoken the night before.

Except perhaps a desire to be quiet and to look at her, to realize in silence all the impor‑tance of this extraordinary event: the presence of Anny opposite me.

Not once since I came has she more strongly resembled the Anny of before, the Anny of Marseilles.

But Anny's mind takes many turnings, you can never be sure you've understood her completely.