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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Annotto \An*not"to\ ([a^]n*n[o^]t"t[-o]), Arnotto \Ar*not"to\ ([aum]r*n[o^]t"t[-o]), n. [Perh. the native name.] A red or yellowish-red dyeing material, prepared from the pulp surrounding the seeds of a tree ( Bixa orellana) belonging to the tropical regions of America. It is used for coloring cheese, butter, etc. [Written also Anatto, Anatta, Annatto, Annotta, etc.]

Usage examples of "annotto".

Mada Joyce did some higgle ring in the neighbourhood, taking produce from the small holdings down to the market in the coastal town of Annotto to sell and buying any goods the villagers might require while she was there.