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Annette may refer to:

  • variant form of Anna (name)
  • Annette, SOE code name for Yvonne Cormeau
  • Annette, California
  • Annette Island, Alaska
  • Annette Funicello
  • Annette Humpe
  • Tropical Storm Annette (disambiguation)
  • 2839 Annette, an asteroid
Annette (album)

Annette is an album by Paul Bley with Franz Koglmann and Gary Peacock recorded in Germany in 1992 and released on the hat ART label in 1993. The album features compositions by Annette Peacock.

Usage examples of "annette".

Linda Norton, and Annette Campise are simply women of rare strength and dedication is to shortchange them individually and collectively.

  Shy and generally uncomfortable in crowds, Annette was a pretty girl, tall and brunette.

  The display of violent anger had made Annette skeptical of trusting another man anytime soon.

  On those occasions when she had been around him he had appeared painfully shy, the complete opposite of the gregarious, fun-loving person whom Annette had described to her mother.

  That Shane seemed to make Annette happy and treated her well, that her granddaughter liked him and had quickly forged a strong bond with his daughter was more than enough.

  When Annette announced that Shane's divorce was-final and he had asked her to marry him, Sharon was pleased.

  Two days before the wedding he told Annette that he was not ready to get married.

  His single-minded devotion to Annette had, in fact, seemed to border on the obsessive, On those rare occasions when one of Annette's girlfriends would stop by for a visit and still be there when Shane returned home from work, the routine would always be the same.

  He would disappear into the bedroom to sulk until the visitor had left, then later would remind Annette how precious he viewed their time together.

  From childhood, Annette, her oldest, had been the headstrong one, quietly determined to chart her own course, quick to rebel against rules and motherly advice.

  When Annette suggested they talk things out, Shane would abruptly end the conversation.

  When he did not return after a reasonable period of time, Annette began looking for him, finally going into the parking lot to find that his pickup was gone.

  In light of his recent concerns over money, Annette was somewhat surprised but readily agreed.

  Though she had had very little to drink, Annette was feeling a warm sense of intoxication brought on by the fun-filled evening.

  Speaking up for the first time, Annette confirmed her husband's statement.