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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

alternative form of the fem. proper name Anna (q.v.). In Christian tradition, the name of the mother of the Virgin Mary.


Anne, alternatively spelled Ann, is a form of the Latin female given name Anna. This in turn is a representation of the Hebrew Hannah, the name of the mother of the prophet Samuel. Anne is a common name in France.

It is sometimes used as a male name in the Netherlands (for example Anne de Vries). It has also been used for males in France (Anne de Montmorency) and Scotland (Lord Anne Hamilton).

Anne (Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode)

"Anne" is the third season premiere of the WB Television Network's of the drama television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The 35th episode of the show, it was first broadcast September 29, 1998. The episode was written and directed by Executive Producer/ Showrunner and series creator Joss Whedon. The episode takes place a few months after Buffy Summers ( Sarah Michelle Gellar) killed her lover Angel ( David Boreanaz) and left Sunnydale; she has moved to Los Angeles and is living under her middle name, Anne.

Anne (disambiguation)

Anne is a feminine (sometimes masculine) given name.

Anne may also refer to:

Anne (novel)

Anne, first published in 1880 by author Constance Fenimore Woolson, is a work of American literary regionalism. It depicts the emotional and spiritual conflicts faced by its eponymous heroine as she leaves her home village, Mackinac Island, to seek a future as a young woman in the Northeastern United States. Her good qualities win her many suitors, but she finds hypocrisy and dysfunctional social relationships among the wealthier strata of U.S. Victorian society. Eventually she selects a suitor who, although of wealthy origins, has lost his means and is ready to accept the stolid virtues of the American working class. Anne Douglas returns with her new partner to her place of origin.

Anne was first published through serialization in Harper's New Monthly Magazine. Upon republication as a book in 1882, the work became a bestseller and was reviewed in The Nation, The Century, and other leading periodicals of the day. Many readers and reviewers appreciated the book, as it depicted a wide variety of settings and social circumstances, with a particular eye for the picturesque elements to be seen on the shores of northern Lake Huron inhabited by persons who had come to live in harmony with the ecology of the Great Lakes. Woolson's sentimental depiction of a rural setting was attractive to a readership increasingly tied to smoky, industrial cities.

Anne was republished as a volume in 1882 by Harper and Brothers. Sales of the novel faded with changing literary tastes; Woolson admirer Anne Boyd Rieux confessed in 2014 that "self-sacrificing heroines like Margaret in East Angels and Anne in Anne seem almost impossibly good to our eyes today." The work's copyright has expired and it is in the public domain in its country of publication, the United States. Anne's Tablet, erected on Mackinac Island in 1916, is a tribute to author Woolson and to Anne.

Usage examples of "anne".

Anne learned a great deal about Jackie and her background, but the stories her biological mother told changed continually.

Anne ging achter de bank staan en sloeg haar magere, sterke armen over zijn brede schouders en drukte haar hoofd tegen hem aan.

Anne aarzelde even, maar omdat Emilio en Sofia hun spullen nog moesten pakken mompelde ze een excuus en ging achter Jimmy aan.

Lucien, whose first wife, Anne Christine Boyer, had died in 1801, had married his second wife, Alexandrine Laurence de Bleschamps, who had married, but who had divorced, a M.

John Eyrick or Heyricke--he spelled his name recklessly-- had five sons, the second of which sought a career in London, where he became a goldsmith, and in December, 1582, married Julian Stone, spinster, of Bedfordshire, a sister to Anne, Lady Soame, the wife of Sir Stephen Soame.

Commander Anne Blenheim was enjoying what was almost her first look around the vast interior of the ancient Templar Fortress that enclosed the Radiant itself, and of which she had very recently assumed command.

This massive effort at planting was a development that Anne Blenheim understood was fairly new, and of which she heartily approved both esthetically and as an affirmation of life.

Since the news had spread of her assignment as commander here, it had sometimes seemed to Anne Blenheim that everyone in the inhabited Galaxy had an opinion on the Prince-the general-and each was ready to give her their version of good advice on how to deal with the great man who was now in her charge.

The approaching groundcar was rolling to a stop within a few meters of where Anne Blenheim was standing, just at the entrance to the small park.

Anne Blenheim had been told that sound sometimes carried or was muffled strangely in the artificially created and maintained atmosphere pressed by inverse gravity against the inside of a round shell.

Anne often threatened to leave her, and go to a boarding-house, of which there were plenty in the place, yet, after all, to live with her sister, and drive out in the carriage with the footman and coachman in mourning, and the lozenge on the panels, with the Bluebeard and Shacabac arms quartered on it, was far more respectable, and so the lovely sisters continued to dwell together.

Anne, who hated her step-mother and could not live at home, was fain to accompany her sister to the town where the Bluebeards have had for many years a very large, genteel, old-fashioned house.

I shall be forced to suppress you, Lady Anne, though you are the wife of a Brummagem knight, and I think that it is time you had a little reminder.

She looks at the velvet-draped boxes where they perch, at the clutter of bronze maquettes and camphorwood boxes and onyx eggs on the Queen Anne side tables and the family portraits dragged in from under the rafters and propped against the violently patterned wallpaper.

I returned to the table, Anne had ordered another glass of Chardonnay and a stack of photos had appeared.