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Annan may refer to:

Annan (kata)

) is a karate kata, which is a traditional method of recording a sequence of movements for offense and defense. The origin and creator of this kata is unknown, but it's preservation and appearance in Okinawa can be credited to Nakaima Norisato, an Okinawan martial artist that was able to fully document and record fighting techniques learned by during his study and travels in China. Nakaima, a Chinese scholar, studied with the top Chinese martial arts practitioners in the Beijing area during the mid 19th century.

The kata contains many palm heel strikes as well as evasive footwork. The open hand and crane fist techniques lend credibility to this kata having roots in Chinese Kung Fu. The techniques can be applied as short distance strikes and grappling to immobilize and control the opponent.

Annan (surname)

Annan is a Scottish and later adopted as an Ashanti surname. The surname Annan is most common in Great Britain and the former British colonies. The Annan surname was used as early as the 14th century in the English/Scottish borderlands. Notable people with the Annan surname include:

  • Abraham Annan (born 1988), Ghanaian footballer
  • Alyson Annan (born 1973), Australian field hockey player
  • Anthony Annan (born 1986), Ghanaian footballer
  • Amanda Van Annan (born 1982), English actress, television presenter and model
  • Archie Annan (1880–unknown), Scottish footballer
  • Beulah Annan (1899–1928), suspected American murderer
  • Christian Annan (born 1978), Ghanaian-born Hong Kong footballer
  • Daniel Francis Annan (1928–2006), Ghanaian judge and politician
  • Dorothy Annan (1908–1983), English painter, potter and muralist
  • Dunc Annan (1895–1981), American football player
  • James Annan, climatologist
  • James Craig Annan (1864–1946), Scottish photographer
  • John Annan Bryce (1841–1923), Scottish businessman and politician
  • Kofi Annan (born 1938), former Secretary-General of the United Nations (1/Jan/1997 – 1/Jan/2007)
  • Kojo Annan (born 1973), Kofi Annan's son
  • Noel Annan, Baron Annan (1916–2000), member of the House of Lords and British academic
  • Richard Annan (born 1968), English footballer
  • Thomas Annan (1829–1887), Scottish photographer, and son of James Craig Annan
Annan (Parliament of Scotland constituency)

Annan in Dumfriesshire was a royal burgh that returned one commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland and to the Convention of Estates.

After the Acts of Union 1707, Annan, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, Lochmaben and Sanquhar formed the Dumfries district of burghs, returning one member between them to the House of Commons of Great Britain.

Annan (film)

Annan is a 1999 Tamil drama film directed by Anu Mohan. The film features Ramarajan and Swathi in lead roles, with Manivannan, R. Sundarrajan, newcomer Vaasan, newcomer Apoorva, Vadivukkarasi and Ponvannan playing supporting roles. The film, produced by T. Seenuvasan, had musical score by Ilaiyaraaja and was released on 29 March 1999.