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ANL may refer to:

  • American Negro League, one of the several Negro Leagues that were established during the early twentieth century in the United States when professional baseball was segregated
  • Andulo Airport, an Angolan airport with this IATA code
  • Anniesland railway station, from its United Kingdom rail code
  • Anti-Nazi League, an anti-fascist campaign in the United Kingdom
  • Anti-Nowhere League, an English punk band
  • Argonne National Laboratory, one of the United States Department of Energy National Laboratories
  • Australian National Line, an Australian government-owned shipping company
  • Automatic Noise Limiter, in telecommunications, a feature that automatically reduces noise and improves reception in a radio receiver.

Usage examples of "anl".

A hare bounded into view, froze, its ears twitching, anl then flinched and leaped away into the cover of mustard flowei and sedge.