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n. an ankylosaurus


n. having the back covered with thick bony plates; thought to have walked with a sprawling gait resembling a lizard's [syn: ankylosaurus]

Usage examples of "ankylosaur".

Among the ornithischians are one species each of ankylosaur, nodosaur, and hysilophodont, two species of hadrosaur, and three species each of ceratopsian and pachycephalosaur.

Not only are the large ankylosaur and small saurischian not very closely related, but they are obviously not very similar ecologically.

The ankylosaur opened her small brown eyes, blinked with translucent membranes, opened her beaked mouth, stretched her neck, and made a shrill clucking noise, like a huge bass chicken.

Now two elephants joined the procession, and the animals and man and woman ran around the rings and passed the lumbering ankylosaur twice.

The ankylosaur stopped dead, seeming as stubborn as a mule, and Shellabarger appeared, holding a rod with a blunt steel hook.

The venator cage and the centrosaur cage are strong enough, but the ankylosaur cage needed to have new braces welded to the sides and bottom, I guess because the ankylosaur is heavier than she is strong.

The ankylosaur turned and turned in her pen as the arc welders flashed and hissed and snapped.

To her, the dozing ankylosaur herd was a forest of immense stumpy legs and drooping tails that had no connection to each other.

She ran back into the ankylosaur herd, darting this way and that, seeking cover in the shadow of the lethargic dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs were unrecorded from Antarctica until 1987, when an ankylosaur was reported by a scientific party from Argentina, and in the winter of 1991 a prosauropod discovery made it onto the front pages of our newspapers.

The big-sized chair was upholstered in ankylosaur skin and too knobbly.

Or the hideous, lumpy ankylosaur, a thirty-five-foot horned toad with a club on its tail that could dent steel plate.

And when, a half hour later, the coals soaked with water and the half-roasted ankylosaur laid out for the scavengers, they lined up to step through the gate and out into the Crystal Gateway Marriott, Crystal City, Virginia, only he saw Leyster very carefully pick up a rock and slip it in his pocket.

Off to his right, an ankylosaur ambled through the woods, bearing several tons of bone plating on its heavy frame.

The volcano-damaged vegetation had provided poor fodder for the ankylosaurs, and what came out the other end was of little value to Purga.