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The Collaborative International Dictionary

anklets \anklets\ n. pl. 1. socks that reach just above the ankle.

Syn: anklet, bobbysock, bobbysocks [WordNet 1.5] ||


n. (plural of anklet English)


n. a sock that reaches just above the ankle [syn: anklet, bobbysock, bobbysocks]

Usage examples of "anklets".

His sleeveless vest was cut high to show the tight muscles of his stomach, and he carried an assortment of rings and necklaces, bracelets, even anklets, that chimed gratingly—but only when the mercenary wanted them to.

And Drizzt wore enchanted anklets, allowing him to kick his feet incredibly fast.

He realized that he was not moving as quickly as expected, his enchanted anklets were not aiding him.

He angled his charge to the left of the yeti, then lifted his left leg over the saddle and dropped from his speeding mount into a run, his enchanted anklets allowing him to get his feet under him in but a few speedy strides.

There were other cubbies holding runner pants and shirts for all weathers and the thick anklets that cushioned and warmed weary feet.

She realized she hadn't even taken off the anklets before she got into bed.

As Spacia had suggested, the anklets took up the spare room in the toes of the borrowed boots.

She padded down the hall in the thick anklets that Penda had slipped on her feet and pushed in the third door.

Drizzt waited until the last possible second, then, using the magical anklets and his honed reflexes, he simply sidestepped.

He is permitted complete freedom of movement by these bands, which are rather like bracelets and anklets.

But, from a central, guarded panel, and from individual transmitters, those of their owners, a signal may be transmitted which causes the two bracelets and the anklets to immediately snap together at the flat plates, thus, even at a distance, binding the slave.

During this time they wore only their collars, and in the case of Virginia and Phyllis the slave anklets on their left ankles.

It was at this time also that Virginia and Phyllis had been given their lock collars, white-enameled, and that the slave anklets, the identification bands, had been removed from their left ankles.

They wore heavily-jeweled slippers, above which were tiered anklets, each a glaze of gems.

She lifted her gown well above her knees and studied anklets and legbands.