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She took a drag of Ackerman's cigarette and handed it back with a thank-you.

He had to be on the far side of forty-five but he had a youthful skin and, out of his official surroundings, he displayed more enthusiasm than she supposed careworn or rank-conscious admirals usually did.

Sass recalled the rank-senior pilot-from a far-distant shipping consortium.

The tank-hauler's crew had insisted he share their mess and his stomach was still rebelling.

Diesel engines pig-grunted as the smooth low-slung shapes of the tanks and tank-destroyers crashed through brush and twelve-foot high cornstalks, past the flaming shards of a farmhouse and barns.

She didn't know what was worse: Sung's blank-eyed terror and the small shrill sounds he made when they'd suddenly passed into the Wyal's gravity, or the infantile gratitude with which he'd hugged Soamosa when she took off her helmet.

Back to the matter at hand, sending his bread-and-butter thank-you shipments to First Base.

Chasurt, a stolidly built, blank-faced man of the late middle decades, reminded Killashandra of Maestro Valdi in his outraged indignation.

They went into the woods and using their so-called civilized weapons -' she slapped two laser rifles atop a tottering pile of papers, causing an avalanche which all but buried the prisoners '- simply slaughtered these perfectly healthy creatures without so much as a by-your-leave or a thank-you!

Kierse, who was much sharper than he looked-certainly for one of Drassi rank-pronounced the word in two syllables: Oy-yill.

He re-established contact with the here and now when someone held a rank-smelling vial under his nose, the fumes of which cleared his head and made him back away from the stink.

Do you know, Alexandra, I could pick out exactly the right sort of woman for Frank--now.

In winning it, the Soviets found they had the ability to counter the previously invulnerable Nazi tank-air force team.

We were accompanied by a tank-destroyer company and a cannon company as well as our friendly companions of the 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion.