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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anight \A*night"\, Anights \A*nights"\, adv. [OE. on niht.] In the night time; at night. [Archaic]

Does he hawk anights still?

Usage examples of "anight".

But where else would we adjuncts receive such a spiritual lift than from these eager young- and- often- older learners, who are there every day or night to absorb as much as they can in spite of missed meals, four- hours- anight sleep, crowded subway trains and the unkindest cut of all-- the charge that they are responsible for a deteriorating quality of education.

She anight be pushing seventy, but she was probably sharper than anyone else in the room, himself included.

Larson had never seen this happen, but many anight he had seen the eyes reflecting back torchlightfrom the not-too-distant shore.

And I fell to know of wisdom, and within me stirred my thought, So that oft anights would I wander through the mead and far away, And swim the Mirkwood-water, and amidst his eddies play When earth was dark in the dawn-tide.

But if a lady hold her bird anights To sing to her between her fingers-ha?