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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anigh \A*nigh"\, prep. & adv. [Pref. a- + nigh.] Nigh. [Archaic]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"nearby," c.1200, from a- (1) + nigh.


adv. (context archaic English) nigh; near; close by (to). alt. (context archaic English) nigh; near; close by (to). prep. (context archaic English) Nigh; near.

Usage examples of "anigh".

Since Bull Shockhead would bury his brother, and lord Ralph would seek the damsel, and whereas there is water anigh, and the sun is well nigh set, let us pitch our tents and abide here till morning, and let night bring counsel unto some of us.

To the burg I draw anigh And I see all battle-banners in the breeze of morning fly, But no Wolfings round their banner and no warrior of the Shield, No Geiring and no Hrossing in the burg or on the field.

As for Ralph, he smote a tall man full on the breast and pierced him through and through, and then pulled out the Upmeads blade and smote on the right hand and the left, so that none came anigh him willingly.

Thus anigh the mother breast, Lulled to rest, Child-Napoleon down the lilied river sailed.

In the broad western sky No orb may shine anigh, No lesser radiancy May there endure.

Then turned Geirbald to find Viglund who was anigh to him, and he took the ring, and the twain went their ways without more ado, and rode into the wild-wood.

Fast they rode, being wishful to catch up with the Bearings and the Wormings, and soon they came anigh them, and they, hearing the thunder of the horse-hoofs, looked and saw that it was the company of Otter, and so slacked their speed till they were all joined together with joyous shouting and laughter.

She held her peace, and there was a stir in the ring of men: for they who were anigh the Dayling banner saw an old warrior sitting on a great black horse and fully armed.

They'll give ther own calf a suck, but if anyone else's calf cums anigh 'em they lif' their leg an' kick it ter blazes.