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Anian (Bishop of Bangor)

Anian (died 1306) was an Anglican priest, and Bishop of Bangor from 1267 until his death in 1307. At the time of his appointment Llywelyn ap Gruffydd was the dominant figure in Welsh affairs, and for a few years Anian acted in close accord with him, and assisted the bishop of S. Asaph in negotiating a settlement between Llywelyn and his brother David at Berriw in 1269, and also between the prince and his brother Rhodri in April 1272. With the onset of the period of unrest in 1277 he fled to England, seeking refuge in St. Albans Abbey. For the next ten years or so, periods of unrest continued, with Anian taking the King's side. Following the death of Llywelyn he returned in the company of the king to his diocese, and was active in the settlement of North Wales (receiving privileges in acknowledgment of his help). The last twenty years of his ministry were relatively peaceful. He was succeeded by Gruffydd ap Iorwerth who was consecrated on 26 March 1307.