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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Bakhtin is a latecomer on the anglophone critical scene.
▪ In the recent work of the global anglophone academy, evaluative criticism has largely disappeared.
▪ This is the position of Christopher Norris, who modestly but firmly maintains that all anglophone readers except himself have misunderstood Derrida.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"English-speaking," 1895, from Anglo- + -phone.


a. (alternative spelling of Anglophone English) n. (alternative spelling of Anglophone English)

Usage examples of "anglophone".

Into super combination So can have fans in every nation Hong Kong they speak English, too Yearn of rappers just like you Anglophones who live down under Sooner later start to wonder When they get they own rap star Tired of rappers from afar Lagos is lying on the ground, sprawled across the tire track.

The news reader was a woman whose distinctive voice has been a source of amusement for the international Anglophone community for years.

Both plays inspired operas, better known to Anglophone audiences than the plays that inspired them.

Mandarin, and only had enough Spanish to follow soccer broadcasts when the Anglophone nets were preoccupied with baseball or hockey, but he thought he could get by long enough to land a job.

Harry had cheerfully admitted having paid precious little attention to his studies, but his every act and thought spoke of the domination of the Anglophone peoples of the world he had come from.

It is, if anything at all, aggressively neuter, pitched at the extreme centre of Anglophone society.

Paul Di Filippo Miscellaneous Titles The English-language SF and fantasy and horror genres offer so many riches that Anglophone readers are often disinclined to search out the stories of other tongues.

North American Anglophone readers, fans, and scholars a taste of a very different SF.

In addition I would like to thank my Anglophone editors on both sides of the Atlantic, Tom Weldon at Heinemann, Jim Wade at Crown and John Pearce at Doubleday Canada, as well as my literary agents Bill Hamilton and Sara Fisher, for their continuing commitment, solidarity and wise counsel.

Atlantic since they correctly saw that it was in the sugar islands of the Caribbean and the potential markets of the Anglophone colonies that the greatest fortunes were being made.

The Anglophone tradition in this century, which in almost every other respect has made a powerful and prolific contribution to revolutionary historiography, has a particularly egregious record of silent embarrassment, rather as though a dinner guest had met with an unfortunate but inexplicable accident in the college common room.

His ungrammatical French was the fluidly sloppy get-along speech of an Anglophone who has made his home among French-speakers for a few months, not the half-African patois of the slave quarters.

To anglophones, it is the Quebec Provincial Police-to francophones, La Sfjret6 du Qu6bec.

This probably remains somewhat more familiar to Anglophone readers than Pinyin or Yale, and is no more inaccurate a rendition of ancient or regional pronunciations.