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angL is the second full-length solo album of Emperor frontman Ihsahn. Writing began in early 2007, after Ihsahn had completed touring with Emperor. The album was recorded around December 2007 and released on 26 May 2008.

Usage examples of "angl".

Her mommy likes to brush it for her, although she doesn't seem to realize when the tangles get caught.

She can't see Megan from this angle, but knows she must be there, somewhere out of sight.

From the angle at which some of the more exposed trees were growing, she presumed it must do so most of the time.

The angle was wrong: she glimpsed a syringelike instrument being deployed, felt a significant pressure on her neck, a twinge of pain, then a slight and not unpleasant vibration.

Another police unit was parked at a similar angle on the opposite side of the highway.

His head was tilted back at a horrible angle, and a rictus of pain distorted his face.

She knew the card had to go in at exactly the right angle, otherwise it relocked the door and she had to start over.

She sat on the side of the bed pulling the brush idly through the tangles and curls, staring at the wall, dissatisfied with herself, thinking about Ken Mitchell, remembering Andy.

She raised a hand to touch her hair: she had some kind of cowboy hat on her head, making her scalp feel glossy with sweat, and the strings dangled beside her face.

He braked a short distance further on, and took the sharply angled turn into Hereford Avenue, the road that ran through the heart of the housing estate.

An extension of the main building was opposite the window, so it was possible to see only a narrow angle to one side.

Crouching low, holding her screaming boy at an awkward angle, Mrs Williams scrambled past him, heading for the road.

I only hope that my plundering and mangling of fact may pave some amused diversion.

Great columns of buttery limestone dangled from the arched ceiling.

But then Branch saw that it was one of his broken rotor blades caught at a right angle in a tree.