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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Angelhood \An"gel*hood\, n. The state of being an angel; angelic nature.
--Mrs. Browning.

Usage examples of "angelhood".

Still, I do not mean you to understand that the child, already a fully developed and exceedingly wise angel, might not be able to visit that mother, and aid her on in her own progress toward angelhood, and this rule applies to all who go and all who stay.

The figures were far more beautiful than Venus and Adonis, for the faces were those of Angelhood, the forms those of Wisdom and Love: both wore flowing robes, tinged like a glowing sunrise.

Esther Summerson is a lady, but she is so much besides that her ladyhood does not detach itself from her sainthood and her angelhood, so as to be conspicuous--if, indeed, conspicuousness may be properly predicated of the quality of a lady.

I hear you are a candidate for instant angelhood when you die, Rosamund.