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Änge (from Old Norseengi 'meadow') is a locality situated in Krokom Municipality, Jämtland County, Sweden with 314 inhabitants in 2010. It is situated 50 kilometres northwest of Östersund, the capital of Jämtland. Änge was until 1974 the seat of the former municipality Offerdal.


Ånge is a locality and the seat of Ånge Municipality in Västernorrland County, Sweden with 2,872 inhabitants in 2010.

Ånge is a railway junction where the northern main line railway ( Norra Stambanan) connects with the central main line railway ( Mittbanan). Ånge is also known in Sweden as "The Swedish version of Seattle" due to an impressive number of bands. Takida, The Grand Opening and Corroded are among many other bands from this area.

Ange (disambiguation)

Ange is a French progressive rock band.

Ange may also refer to:

  • Ange (coin), a gold coin first used in France
  • Francesco Ange (1675-1757), Italian painter
  • Ange Ushiromiya, a character from the 07th Expansion visual novel Umineko When They Cry

People with the given name Ange:

  • Ange Auguste Joseph de Laborde de Boutervilliers (1766-1786), French explorer
  • Ange de Grimoard (circa 1315-1388), French Cardinal
  • Ange de Sainte-Rosalie (1655-1726), French genealogist
  • Ange Diawara (1941-1973), Republic of the Congo politician
  • Ange Édouard Poungui (born 1942), Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo
  • Ange Mancini (born 1944), French politician
  • Ange Postecoglou (born 1965), Australian football (soccer) coach and former player
  • Charles Ange Laisant (1841-1920), French politician
  • Jean-Joseph Ange d'Hautpoul (1754-1807), French cavalry general

Usage examples of "ange".

Collins had given him a letter that authorized him to pick Maries Ange up, and the stewardess in charge of her handed him her passport.

St Michel et plusieurs anges lui avoient baille une Couronne moult riche pour lui.

Come, drink a stoup of muscadine with me, mes anges, for my heart is warm to be among ye again.

Ange, his Swiss servant, knocked at his door with a dozen pockethandkerchiefs, a bottle of eau-de-cologne, and some other properties of his metier.

Repairing their dilapidated buildings of Notre Dame des Anges, a little way out of Quebec on the St.

It was a life, once these men left the mission house of Notre Dame des Anges, that was without the slightest social intercourse, that was beyond the prizes of any earthly ambition, that was frequently in imminence of torture and death, and that was usually in physical discomfort if not in pain.

It was the residence of Notre Dame des Anges, the house from which the first martyrs were to go forth toward the west.

Barre and same Carmelite friars who were good enough to assist him against their common enemies, the devils had been temporarily driven out, but on the previous Sunday night, the 10th of October, the mother superior, Jeanne de Belfield, whose conventual name was Jeanne des Anges, and a lay sister called Jeanne Dumagnoux, had again been entered into by the same spirits.

Instead, Rocky spun round his head, berating him, his jewel-faceted eyes spinning violently red and or ange in anger.

On my right was the wall of Buckhead Mesa, and I'd left Ange and the wagon on the north side of that mesa.

The children were sunken and dark around their eyes the way or anges or bananas go bad and collapse, and the mothers scratched at mats of dandruff from scalp yeast infections out of control.