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init. (context US English) Air National Guard


Äng is a locality situated in Nässjö Municipality, Jönköping County, Sweden with 277 inhabitants in 2010.

Ang (surname)

Ang is a Hokkien and Teochew romanization of the Chinese surnames Wang (, Wāng) and Hong (, Hóng).

Usage examples of "ang".

He starts and half turns to see Su Ang looking past him at the throne, a lady-in-waiting for the queen.

Su Ang is only one-sixty tall and he feels a pAng of something odd: teenage male uncertainty about the friendship of women.

Su Ang stares intently at Pierre who is watching Boris as he raises the jug to his lips and begins to drink.

She glances round at Su Ang, Pierre, the other members of her primary team.

But before he can blur out, Su Ang steps across and lays hands on him.

Tets hhave oled, ang our, ttthof trstrellt a mo aed d wo nd We, the nse tordneed, ak r dm granunique muncnd ely.

I also tend to be drawn to the more painterly artists such as Thom Ang, Kent Williams, Dave McKean, Greg Spalenka, and the like, where the brushmarks show and the images grow out of fascinating patchworks of anything from found objects to startling discourses of pure color.

Then the fuckwad returned what he thought was Beaver's wave, said something to the pilot behind him, and the ANG helicopter began to rise.

He opened it and tossed in his battered briefcase, which contained a box of 9mm ammunition, a yellow pad filled with his jottings, various memos on the Kwan Ang case and a well-read book of Goethe's poems.

It seemed to retreat into the background for a while, while Mayor Ang Wat set off all the medical building’.

Having solved those problems, I felt that I had earned my pay as Speaker and went downslope to see Ang the Net Tender.