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The thing that got me going this way was thinking again about the Torvil Anfract, and about Medusa.

But I guess that's a story for someplace else, because right now I want to talk about the Anfract.

That would suggest that near the Anfract, π = 1 (which doesn't appeal too much to the mathematicians).

All I can tell is what I saw when I got close to the Anfract, flew around it, and tried to stare inside it.

At first you think it must be one of the planets inside the Anfract—except that as the image sharpens and moves you in closer, you realize that it's familiar, a world you've seen before somewhere on your travels.

You tell yourself that you'll forget all about the Anfract and God's Necklace.

For in the late night hours, when you lie tight in the dark prison of your own thoughts, and your heart beats slow, and all of life feels short and pointless, that's when you'll remember, and yearn for one more drink at the fountain of the Torvil Anfract.

They were just one Bose Transition away from the region of the Torvil Anfract.

There is an excellent chance that the Zardalu cladeworld is hidden within the Torvil Anfract, with living Zardalu upon it.

People have been pokin' around the Anfract for thousands of years—an' most who went in never came out.

But since what we're likely to get in the Anfract is a cartload of trouble, and that's about all, so far as I'm concerned Dulcimer can have fifteen percent of my share of that any time he likes.

Dulcimer agreed, but only if his share of whatever was recovered from the Anfract was increased to twelve percent.

Reading the earlier reports and analyzing their measurements and observations made Darya feel that the Anfract was like a gigantic Rorschach test.

The Anfract's location within Zardalu Communion territory was not in question.

Ships that had traveled inside the Anfract confirmed that the interchange was real, not just an optical effect.