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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aneurism \An"eu*rism\, n. [Gr. ?, ?, a widening, an opening; ? up + ? wide.] (Med.) A soft, pulsating, hollow tumor, containing blood, arising from the preternatural dilation or rupture of the coats of an artery. [Written also aneurysm.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

the less correct, but more popular, spelling of aneurysm (q.v.), by influence of words in -ism. The -y- is etymologically correct; the spelling with -i- suggests a meaning "nervelessness."


n. (alternative spelling of aneurysm English)


n. a cardiovascular disease characterized by a sac-like widening of an artery resulting from weakening of the artery wall [syn: aneurysm]

Usage examples of "aneurism".

Not to mention making her blood pressure spike so high it would give her an aneurism—if she tried it in the next few hours.

My father had perished in his sleep, of an aneurism, when I was young.

At least I had something left in me, even if it was aneurism-causing labor to perform the mildest of tasks.

My father had suffered an aneurism when I had been about six years old.

On the very night after his capture the aneurism burst, and he was found in the morning stretched upon the floor of the cell, with a placid smile upon his face, as though he had been able in his dying moments to look back upon a useful life, and on work well done.

That person, I believe, is the one who suffered from an aneurism of the heart, the writer, or rather the forger, of the two documents I have shown, by one of which he or she was to profit greatly by the death of Mr.

Leslie to take this stethoscope and examine the hearts of everyone in the room and tell me whether there is anyone here suffering from an aneurism.

Clutch my head in the middle of a Tap & Whack and die of an aneurism like that girl last year at Atwood?

A popliteal aneurism, a Colles' fracture, a spina bifida, a tropical abscess, and an elephantiasis.

There was, of course, the well-known instance of Liston and the aneurism.

Barron, your mother has suffered a subarach-noid hemorrhage from a ruptured berry aneurism.

I'm going to hold it all in until my blood pressure rises and I have an aneurism and my head blows up.

It was a simple thing, a coded beat of high-frequency pulses that would turn the bugs in Anne’s head into little factories, flooding her brain with vasoconstrictors, creating millions of tiny aneurisms.

He imagined his former employers keeling over from strokes and aneurisms at what he was about to ask.

In August he lost three patients in a row, all to conditions that would have needed elaborate, costly equipment and procedures: renal failure, aortic aneurysm, aneurism, narcotic overdose.