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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anenst \A*nenst"\, Anent \A*nent"\, prep. [OE. anent, anentis, anence, anens, anents, AS. onefen, onemn; an, on, on + efen even, equal; hence meaning, on an equality with, even with, beside. See Even, a.] [Scot. & Prov. Eng.]

  1. Over against; as, he lives anent the church.

  2. About; concerning; in respect; as, he said nothing anent this particular.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"concerning, about," early 13c., onont "on level with," also "in the company of, fronting against," from Old English on efn "near to, close by," originally "on even (ground) with;" the parasitic -t added 12c. A northern form (in Midlands, anenst, with adverbial genitive), affected by English writers in Scottish sense of "in respect or reference to." Compare German neben "near to, by the side of," short for in eben, from Old High German ebani "equality."


prep. (context archaic English) concerning, with regard to, about, in respect to, as to, insofar as, inasmuch as

Usage examples of "anent".

For fear at we should ivver meet, For if we did, as sure as shot Awst throw me daan anent her feet.

It is not, however, my design to speak much anent my own affairs, which would be a very improper and uncomely thing, but only of what happened in the parish, this book being for a witness and testimony of my ministry.

Judge, however, what was brewing, when the same night Mr Lorimore came and told me, that Mr Heckletext was the suspected person anent the fact that had been instrumental, in the hand of a chastising Providence, to afflict me with the toothache, in order, as it afterwards came to pass, to bring the hidden hypocrisy of the ungodly preacher to light.

I could not punish her, but wrote anent it to my lord, who not only overlooked the offence, but sent orders to the servants at the castle to be kind to the poor woman, and the natural, her daughter.

Irish corporal, anent which I have treated at large in the memorables of the year 1774.

Christmas, and Bourne says, anent this belief, that it was about the time of cock crowing when our Saviour was born, and the heavenly host had then descended to sing the first Christmas carol to the poor shepherds in the fields of Bethlehem.

Taylor, bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore, after strictly examining Taverner anent the whole matter, expressed his belief in the realness of the apparition.

I met him later in a bar and made a gay remark Anent an ancient miner and an option on the Ark.

Blanchard asked me anent him, and I told him that he was a stranger in the city, but a very uncommon and great personage.

I was somehow a thought uneasy thereat, not knowing what the bailie, now that he was out of the guildry, might be saying anent the use and wont that had been practised therein, and never more than in his own time.

We then cannily proceeded, just as if one thing begat another, to discourse anent the different men that were likely to do as councillors, and fixed at last on Alexander Hodden the blanket merchant, and Patrick Fegs the grocer, both excellent characters of their kind.

Sabbath morning when I went to join the magistrates in the council-chamber, as the usage is to go to the laft, with the town-officers carrying their halberts before us, according to the ancient custom of all royal burghs, my mind was in a degree prepared to speak to them anent the successor.

After three months, he had commenced unconsciously to regard her as a sort of relative whose pleasure at feeding him superbly was as normal as her constant cross-questioning, anent his mail, his friends, his students, other professors, their wives, and such further lore as might interest her.

By a chance, fortuitous but not improbable in the close borough of legal circles, a good deal of information came to Soames' ear anent this line of policy, the working partner in his firm, Bustard, happening to sit next at dinner at Walmisley's, the Taxing Master, to young Chankery, of the Common Law Bar.

Judge of his astonishment when he finally did breast the tape and the awful truth dawned upon him anent his better half, wrecked in his affections.