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Anem or Anim (, Ein Ganim, literally meaning Garden Spring or two fountains) was a Levitical city in Israel allocated to the Gershonites, according to the Hebrew Bible, from the land of the tribe of Issachar . It is also called En-gannim or Engannim in and

Anem is now known as Jenin.

It "seems" that "Ein Ganim" and Jenin (KJV and RV "En-gannim") are the same only because they appear in approximately the same position in the parallel lists of Issachar areas in Joshua 19:21 and 21:29 and 1 Chronicles 6:73. The Pulpit Commentary suggests that Anem is 'perhaps' a contraction of the name En-gannim. But others note that Anem is 'probably a distinct site', "Anim"; albeit near En-gannim.