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conj. (eye dialect of and English)

Usage examples of "andt".

This Maximus, that saw this thing betide, With piteous teares told it anon right, That he their soules saw to heaven glide With angels, full of clearness and of light Andt with his word converted many a wight.

For generations such Euchees had brought the meat and the fish andt he birds, the sunflower and maize kernels, the beans and squash, and edible roots and leaves, and those had been prepared for the tables of those who worked with skilled hands for the Alengwyneh.

I would sdarfe before I dake a bension now from a rebublic dat iss bought oap by monobolies, and ron by drusts and gompines, and railroadts andt oil gompanies.

Charlie DeLuca saw us break, and the three guys with him opened up, firing with the shotguns andt heir pistols, still better than two hundred yards out.

Der man yill not more trrouble gif, andt der samples I hof also received it, yes.