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n. (AND English)

Usage examples of "ands".

Calvin must have found a way to send commands to the escritoire's private-level functions.

It helped that, at least towards the end of their reign, there had only been one Amarantin tongue, and that it had changed very slowly, so that the same model could interpret inscriptions which had been made tens of thousands of years apart.

The underside of the plane's wing was sewn with thousands of heat elements which glowed white-hot, generating lift thermally.

Then she pushed her hands into two pairs of gauntlets suspended above the workbench within a scaffold of pistons.

Yet while the political landscape was as divided as ever, the underlying topology was quite different.

Every rat had specialised pheromonal receptors and transmitters which allowed it to receive commands and transmit information back to the ship, encoded into complex secreted molecules.

Sudjic's arms vanished below her elbows into elaborately engraved bronze gauntlets, inlaid with ormoluwork windows which revealed constantly shifting holographics, diamond nails projecting from the too-slender fingers of her mock hands.

Yellowstone, thousands of kilometres below, was an ominous yellow-brown backdrop to all this activity.

It was sufficient size for a scattering of towns, small hamlets and bonsai landscape features, even a few carefully horticultured forests, with azure snowcapped mountains carved into the rising valley sides of the strip to give the illusion of distance.

This information was stored on many levels, from the gross connectivity patterns of surface floating tendrils, down to free-floating strands of RNA.

It was impossible to say where the oceans began and the Jugglers ended -- just as it was impossible to say whether each world contained many Jugglers or merely one arbitrarily extended individual, for the islands themselves were linked by organic bridges.

Most of the time it's just two ships handshaking as they pass in the night.

There was a bottle of Amerikano red wine on the table, next to a pair of wine goblets, engraved with frosted-glass landscapes.

The gown's clasp was a complex dual sigil, combining the Resurgam City/Inundationist governmental seal with the emblem of the Mixmasters: two hands holding a cat's cradle of DNA.

He'd made too many enemies to be able to place his life in the hands of any organisation.