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vb. (en-pastAND)

Usage examples of "anded".

As the imperial city had expanded, it had gradually come to surround the compound, and various high-ranking members of the government had hungrily eyed those prime acres as a possible source of vast amounts of wealth.

And so it was that when Captain Jodan decided that it was time for his boys to go to sea, he contacted his friend and handed the boys over to serve as deckhands on board Dalto’s ship, the Swordfish.

The way things stand right now, we’re both short-handed, and even those scows the Trogs call ships could probably outrun us.

Sorgan’s cousin Torl told us a rather peculiar story about some things that happened when the armies of the Trogite church landed on the south coast of your brother’s Domain.

He held open his coat-he was left-handed-and adjusted the high-rine hip holster holding a Smith and Wesson .

Lucas, because he was lefthanded and required ease of movement in case he had to draw his gun, walked the left point and slightly to the rear.

Most gleamed as elegantly as the day their coachmakers anded the finishing touch.

He quickly lain his briefcase on Sandecker's desk, opened it and handed the admiral a folder.

As an anded safety margin, one of my staff, a highly skilled hypnotist, will put the President in a trance and wipe out any subconscious sensations he might have absorbed while under our care.

He switched on his dive light, but the dim beam only anded a few inches to his field of vision.

A derrick on one of the vessels lifted a large red-banded buoy with a flashing light over the side and dropped it beside the wreck of the Eagle.

The Pilottown had Solid documentation, so they claimed it was she that sank in 1979, along with a nonexistent cargo, and demanded a fat settlement from the insurance companies.

Mayo wrapped the cord around the microphone and handed it to Montrose.

Slowly anded old tramp ships to her fleet, crewed by Koreans who were glad to work for a bowl of rice and pennies a day.

A tire and wheel, the chrome spokes flashing in the sun, flew in a high are and landed with a loud crunch in the middle of Giordino's hood.