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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Lanchbery uses Chopin's poignant Andante Spinato to express Natalia's realisation that love has now escaped her.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Andante \An*dan"te\, a. [It. andante, p. pr. of andare to go.] (Mus.) Moving moderately slow, but distinct and flowing; quicker than larghetto, and slower than allegretto. -- n. A movement or piece in andante time. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

musical direction, "moderately slow," 1742, from Italian andante, present participle of andare "to go," from Vulgar Latin ambitare (source of Spanish andar "to go"), from Latin ambitus, past participle of ambire "to go round, go about" (see ambient).


a. (context music English) Describing a passage having this mark. adv. (context music English) Played at a moderately slow tempo. n. 1 (context music English) A tempo mark directing that a passage is to be played in a moderately slow tempo; faster than adagio but slower than allegretto. 2 (context music English) A passage having this mark.

  1. adj. (of tempo) moderately slow

  2. n. a moderately slow tempo (a walking pace)

  3. adv. at a moderately slow temp; "this passage must be played andante"

Andante (song)

"" is a song by Hitomi Yaida, released as her seventh Japanese single, and the second from the album i/flancy. A limited edition version was released also, including a different coloured case and a CD-Extra track which could be used to access a special website to book tickets to an Hitomi Yaida performance.

The B-side track " Fast Car" is a cover version of the Tracy Chapman song, Yaida continues to perform this track live and it appeared on her MTV Unplugged performance.

It reached number 4 in the charts on July 20 2002.

Andante (disambiguation)

Andante is a musical tempo marking.

Andante may also refer to:

  • Andante (manga), a shōjo manga by Miho Obana
  • "Andante" (song), a song by Hitomi Yaida
  • Andante ticket, a public transport ticketing system in Porto, Portugal
  • "Andante, Andante", a song by ABBA from Super Trouper

Usage examples of "andante".

I know that life is andante and presto and adagio, all entwined, a fugue of sorts, the promise and the sadness often separated by mere moments, tragedy and serenity not nearly so discrete as I once believed.

My mind wanders through adagios and andantes, gaping, longing to understand.

If it should come to be From the brake the Nightingale In the waste hour Crosses and troubles London Voluntaries Grave Andante con Moto Scherzando Largo e Mesto Allegro Maestoso Rhymes and Rhyhms Prologue Where forlorn sunsets flare and fade We are the Choice of the Will A desolate shore It came with the threat of a waning moon Why, my heart, do we love her so?

I had chastised Lucy in every manner, playfully, pedantically, paternally, militarily, passionately, dispassionately, and in every tempo, allegro, largo, andante, di minuetto, with every paddle, strap, pliant rod, and whip in every room in my house, as she presented her fanny, bared or lightly covered, while lying across my knees, kneeling on beds, couches, chairs, footstools, or as she crawled upstairs, for one smack of my belt on each step, or bending over tables, desks, sinks, tubs, toilets, kitchen work surfaces, washing machine and dryer, followed by all the permutations of sensual penetration.

I I in A-the grave and clear Andante, the quickening Menuetto, and finally the joyous Turkish Rondo, sending his spirits soaring after a tiring day.

Then I softly beat time, nodded, and we commenced the andante with a broad sweep of the bow.

So runs the andante, making plain The hopes and fears of love without a word.

I handed Adam a slip of score paper on which were scribbled various measures with Allegro con brio and Andante con moto and the initials LvB.

In every symphony of Haydn the adagio or andante is sure to be repeated each time, after the most vehement encores.

MY HIGHLY ESTEEMED FRIEND, I have received no reply to my two letters of July 3, entrusted to the care of a composer, Herr Diettenhofer, by whom I likewise sent the pianoforte arrangement of an andante in one of my new symphonies.

To return to the aforesaid symphonies, I must tell you that I sent you a pianoforte arrangement of the andante in C minor by Herr Diettenhofer.

My last andante movement was too forte for those whom it took by surprise.

The introduction is an Andante, which he drew from the scene of the opera in which the ghostly statue of the murdered Commandant appears to Don Giovanni while he is enjoying the pleasures of the table.

BE DISGUSTIING For the rest of his life Keith was to remember the divine comedy of that slow, andante ascent to the Rectory attic.

    For the Andante had begun--very beautiful, but bearing a family likeness to all the other beautiful Andantes that Beethoven had written, and, to Helen's mind, rather disconnecting the heroes and shipwrecks of the first movement from the heroes and goblins of the third.