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acr. (context legal English) abbreviated new drug application.


ANDA may refer to:

  • Abbreviated New Drug Application
  • Asociación Nacional de Actores
Anda (surname)

Anda is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfonso de Anda, Mexican TV show host
  • Carlos de Anda, Mexican sprinter who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics
  • Carr Van Anda, managing editor of The New York Times under Adolph Ochs
  • Gabriel de Anda, former Mexican soccer player
  • Géza Anda, Hungarian pianist
  • Randi Anda, Norwegian politician for the Christian Democratic Party
  • Rodolfo de Anda, Mexican actor most well known for his roles in the film La gran aventura del Zorro
  • Torleiv Anda (1921–2013), Norwegian diplomat and politician
Anda (singer)

Won Minji , better known by her stage name Anda , is a South Korean pop singer who debuted with the stage name Andamiro in 2012 under Trophy Entertainment with a dance song called "Don't Ask".

The name Andamiro actually means "So much that the cup runneth over". It conveys the singer's desire to not only receive lots of love from the public but also to return overflowing love.

From 2015, she returns with a new stage name Anda and is signed under the record label Emperor Entertainment Korea, which has its headquarters in Hong Kong, Emperor Entertainment Group, as a well-established entertainment company.

Anda (given name)

Anda is a Latvian feminine given name. The associated name day is 20 November.

Anda (play)

Anda is an Israeli play written and directed by Hillel Mittelpunkt on 24 September 2008, on the stage of the Beit Lessin Theater.

Usage examples of "anda".

Twenty more of the same sort came boiling out of the courtyard and ran toward Anda and his aides.

His name was Anda and he owned one of the larger flocks in the community.

Also as his father had done, Anda lent money on the only security poor men could provide: their bodies.

They scattered to either side as Lord Anda strode out, dressed in his full regalia and accompanied by a servant bearing an ornate lantern on a long pole.

Lord Anda was too good a politician to push on where he could see there was no hope.

As Anda lit the fire with a coal from the hollow gourd a servant carried, Garric felt the scene tremble away like reflections in the water when the wind rises.

He deliberately avoided looking at Lord Anda as his guards--Lord Rosen had turned the duty over to a Blaise regular--hustled him through the doorway.

Esa crinuda siempre me anda buscando, pero yo me hago el soldado desconocido.

DEPOIS DA MISSA Rezei anda, persignei-me, fechei o livro de missa e caminhei para a porta.

European attitude seemed to be behind the remarks by the Norwegian ambassador to Israel, Torleiv Anda, who told Israeli reporters in February 1988 that the Nazi occupation was actually more enlightened than the Israeli one in the West Bank and Gaza.

Anjano is a bad reading for Anda ne, we are not so certain about the original location of this phrase Anda ne barcha.

In his dreams Andas saw the Triple Towers in ruins, even as Wenditkover had been, or else a detachment of the guard waiting to take him prisoner for some crime his double had committed in his name.

On the visa-screen Andas saw the mottled shape of what the tape declared to be Inyanga, though he could not recognize any feature.

Salariki did not reply, only watched Andas with those brilliant blue-green eyes as if Andas must come to some decision for himself.

Using a piece of driftwood, Andas cleared off the ugly scum along the edge, and then they laid Elys in the turgid water, Andas kneeling in the stinking liquid to support her.