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It would take me less than ten minutes to walk along the Cliff Road to the sanctuary of Merlin's Court, away from these prying eyes.

Despite its unpleasant, sad associations, Abigail's was sanctuary, a place where even phantom hearses could not get me.

Tradition and the oath taken were regarded as sacrosanct and determined the behavior of the officer corps.

German fellow-citizens, give voluntarily your skis, winter clothing, furs, anct warm underwear for your sons and husbands at the front.

While Steve and I went on signing copies of his book, the Swedish commandant and John Howard were still sitting in Madame's sanctuary, the little back room with all her photographic mementoes.

She arched herself toward me anct she gasped, but she was smiling radiantly She was moving her body against me and we had already found a nice rhythm.

Most of the townspeople had fled for the expected safety of the Duke's keep, only to be cut down near their failed sanctuary.

He's been Prince in Krondor for nearly thirty years, anct mote than one of those cutthroats out in the Sunsets will have clapped eyes on him.

Rhodesia was under sanction by every nation in the world except South Africa, and a British warship was blockading the Mozambique Channel to deny those ports to them.

There were some areas of his old range that remained untouched, and from experience Tukutela came to recognize them and to realize that they formed a sanctuary where he was safe from man's harassment.

Even in these sanctuaries he was wary, driven always by his hatred and fear of men to attack them wherever he found them, or to fly from the first acrid taint of them on the breeze.

His faith in the safety of the sanctuary was tested when the hunters found him even there.

Although he recognized the sanctuary of the parks in which he now spent most of his days, Tukutela could not deny his deepest instincts, and at certain seasons of the year he became restless.

However, when the sudden cacophony of gunfire roared out close behind him, Tukutela fled directly eastward at last, instead of doubling back toward the sanctuary of the park.

Despite her sorrow, in some strange way she felt privileged and sanctified by what she had witnessed.