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n. (plural of anchovy English)

Anchovies (EP)

Anchovies is a 3-track EP by English folk musician David Thomas Broughton.

Usage examples of "anchovies".

He was turned half away from the door, staring back toward the street, as though looking for a police surveillance team in one of the parked cars or for a school of anchovies in a passing vehicle.

If someone changes me, will I still like peppers and not anchovies on pizza?

What if the someone who changes me wants me to want anchovies… can they change that?

If the person who wants me to like anchovies has not been successful with social conditioning and has access to my sensory processing, then that person can make me like anchovies.

But who I am is my past as well as whether I like anchovies now or not.

Is there any difference between being a person who likes anchovies and being a person who does not like anchovies?

If everyone liked anchovies or everyone didn’t like anchovies, what difference would it make?

If everyone liked anchovies, that person would make more money selling them.

Would I be healthier or less healthy, kinder or less kind, smarter or less smart, if I liked anchovies?

Other people I have seen who eat or do not eat anchovies seem much the same.

I cannot imagine what liking anchovies would feel like, what taste they would have in my mouth.

With a fish salad, better not, for most cheeses will clash with the fishy flavor The tasty exception to this is the so-called "Greek Salad," in which olives, capers, pickled peppers, cucumbers, anchovies and tuna preserved in oil are added to the basic dinner salad, the whole nevertheless being perfected by the addition of chunks of a musky cheese called feta which actually goes well in this configuration, when dressed with olive oil, wine vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt, lemon, and a bit of some herb.

You don't want cheese in the dressing for a fish salad and you certainly don't want anchovies with smoked meat or charcuterie except in the so-called "antipasto.

Fruits can be added to salads with a little judicious judgment, and of course salads can be composed of fruits alone, though of course you would hardly dress a fruit salad with anything containing garlic, capers, or anchovies, or combine it with most fish.

Add capers, anchovies, and black olives when you put in the tomato paste.