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n. {{initialism of|(w: African National Congress)|lang=en}}

ANC (disambiguation)

ANC commonly refers to the African National Congress, a revolutionary movement which became the ruling political party in South Africa in the 1994 election.

ANC may also refer to:

Usage examples of "anc".

I fall to my back anc plant a foot in the pit of his stomach, kick him into the air, and he sails right over the rail and falls wailing into the Pit.

Attack attacl attackcome at your target from every possible direction anc press until his defenses overload.

For the statues were half-eaten by birdlime anc some of their heads had been knocked off, and since no one hac tended this place in over half a year, heather and wild oats had begur to seed amidst the cracks.

And I have come to believe that he had fore knowledge of the attack in the Badlands where my husband anc your two sons, Orwin, met their deaths.