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An Anatree is a data structure designed to solve anagrams. Solving an anagram is the problem of finding a word from a given list of letters. These problems are commonly encountered in word games like wordwheel, scrabble or crossword puzzles that we find in newspapers. The problem for the wordwheel also has the condition that the central letter appear in all the words framed with the given set. Some other conditions may be introduced regarding the frequency (number of appearances) of each of the letters in the given input string. These problems are classified as Constraint satisfaction problem in computer science literature.

An anatree is represented as a directed tree which contains a set of words (W) encoded as strings in some alphabet. The internal vertices are labelled with some letter in the alphabet and the leaves contain words. The edges are labelled with non-negative integers. An anatree has the property that the sum of the edge labels from the root to the leaf is the length of the word stored at the leaf. If the internal vertices are labelled as α, α ... α, and the edge labels are n, n ... n, then the path from the root to the leaf along these vertices and edges are a list of words that contain n α s, n α s and so on. Anatrees are intended to be read only data structures with all the words available at construction time.

A Mixed Anatree is an anatree where the internal vertices also store words. A mixed anatree can have words of varying lengths, where as in a regular anatree, all words are of the same length.