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ANAT may refer to:

  • Anat, goddess
  • ANAT Technology, Articulated Nimble Adaptable Trunk
  • Australian Network for Art and Technology
  • Anat Biletzki
  • Anat Peleg
  • Anat Draigor
  • Anat Fort
  • Anat Maor
  • Anat Zuria

Usage examples of "anat".

Ameni nodded, and the young priest who had talked with the princess BentAnat at the temple-gate came into the room.

BentAnat yesterday morning committed a heavy sin, and that in all the temples in the land the Gods shall be entreated with offerings to take her uncleanness from her.

As the mother and daughter bowed to kiss the robe of the princess, BentAnat signed them back from her.

Who is it that she--you know whom I mean--Who is it that BentAnat loves?

It is red certainly, but as thick as yours, BentAnat, and it must be delightful to unfasten it and stroke it.

The girl vanished, and went to the drivers of the gang of prisoners, wished them a merry and pleasant evening, and then hastened back to BentAnat, who anxiously stroked her abundant hair, and asked her why she was so pale.

BentAnat in the care of Bent-Anat, for she needs no other guardianship, and your wife can have no better protector than Bent-Anat.

But only for a few seconds-BentAnat herself took Uarda into her care, and he hastened back to the burning house.

Iahu Anat According to some scholars, this was the most ancient name of the Hebrew divinity-a goddess who, over the ages, was changed into the god Yahweh, later called Jehovah.

The only thing Obi-Wan could hear was the steady, mechanical hum of the sublight engines, a sound that em- anated from the main engine room at the left end of the corridor.