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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anas \A"nas\, n. [L., duck.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of water fowls, of the order Anseres, including certain species of fresh-water ducks.


n. (plural of ana English)


ANAS S.p.A. (formerly an acronym for Azienda Nazionale Autonoma delle Strade, ) is an Italian government-owned company deputed to the construction and maintenance of Italian motorways and state highways under the control of Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Anas (disambiguation)

Anas is a genus of dabbling ducks.

Anas or ANAS may also refer to:

  • American Numismatic and Archaeological Society or American Numismatic Society
  • , the state-owned company that constructs and operates Italian motorways

  • Guadiana or Anas, a river in southern Spain

Usage examples of "anas".

Ramona stammered something about it being possible that there were many Herminias just as there were many Anas, Estelas, Filomenas, and Salomes.