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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anarch \An"arch\, n. [Gr. ? without head or chief; 'an priv. + ? beginning, the first place, magistracy, government.] The author of anarchy; one who excites revolt.

Imperial anarchs doubling human woes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"leader of leaderlessness," 1660s, a deliciously paradoxical word used by Milton, Pope, Byron; see anarchy.


n. The author of anarchy; one who excites revolt.


Anarch may refer to:

  • Anarch (sovereign individual)

Or in fantasy worlds:

  • a sect of vampires in Vampire: The Masquerade: see Anarchs (World of Darkness)
  • Anarchs (VTES) (the trading card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle)

You may also be thinking of:

  • Thy Hand, Great Anarch!, a book by Nirad C. Chaudhuri
Anarch (sovereign individual)

The Anarch is a metaphysical ideal figure of a sovereign individual, conceived by Ernst Jünger in his novel Eumeswil (1977). Jünger was greatly influenced by individualist anarchist Max Stirner. Indeed, the Anarch starts out from Stirner's conception of the unique (der Einzige), a man who forms a bond around something concrete rather than ideal, but it is then developed in subtle but critical ways beyond Stirner's concept. The concept is developed (and may best be studied) through the actions and reflections of Manuel Venator, the protagonist of Eumeswil.

Here are few of the countless quotes in Eumeswil regarding the anarch:

Usage examples of "anarch".

Gantrix, has asked me to come to Section B of your Library and, if you will cooperate, sequester all manuscripts still extant dealing with the Anarch Peak.

Ray Roberts is a killer and it is essential to keep the Anarch Peak out of his hands?

But this soon, before they had actual physical custody--this made it imperative, he realized, to get the Anarch out of the ground with no delay, law or no law.

In a moment he was airborne and on his way to the small, nearly abandoned cemetery where the Anarch Peak lay.

Sign listened intently with a stethoscope placed on the unimpressive dark chest of the body of the Anarch Thomas Peak.

Bending over the Anarch, Sebastian studied him, studied the tiny, dark, wrinkled face.

They--the vitarium her husband owns--know where the Anarch is buried, so if you want that information you can with a little effort get it from her.

It was as if they enjoyed it, as if my knowing about the Anarch was just a--pretext.

He still intended to return to his vitarium, to talk further with the Anarch, but he could not very well do it until he had parted company with Miss Fisher.

Seeing it, he had trouble believing that the Anarch Peak lay on a makeshift bed inside, presumably with at least Dr.

Except for this one problem, that of the Anarch, about which you have so much hostility and distrust, I still think we were off to a quite good beginning.

Roberts, has instructed me to negotiate for the purchase of the Anarch, and I am so doing.

Sign with the Anarch and join you at the store, say in about forty minutes.

Your solution will be this: suspend the negotiations until your technician phones in, and then inquire of the Anarch as to whom he wishes to be sold.

I will therefore first establish the fact that the old-born Anarch has a soul, which the Rome buyer will admit, and then deduce from that premise that only the Anarch can dispose of himself, which is our position.