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Añana is both a valley and municipality located in the province of Álava, in the Basque Country, northern Spain, with the main population nucleus being the village of Salinas de Añana. Moreover, Añana is also the name of one of the seven counties in which the province is divided. The town is renowned for its old salt flats, which were formed beginning in the Triassic Period. Over 5,000 pans have been built since the Roman times, with exportation of its salt a major business. Now, the area has focused on spa tourism to bring needed income to the area.

Usage examples of "anana".

Henri IV, van de ananas en het keurig dessert, haren wijn echter slechts even met de lippen aanrakend.

At the head of the youths, who, so soon as they had found out whither the poet had been exiled, had escaped to tell him that they were faithful to him, stood the prince Rameri, who nodded triumphantly to his sister, and Anana stepped forward to inform the honored teacher in a solemn and wellstudied speech, that, in the event of Ameni refusing to recall him, they had decided requesting their fathers to place them at another school.

Among the rebellious boys are our best singers, and particularly young Anana, who leads the voices of the choir-boys.

Night, and beneath star-blazoned summer skies Behold the Spirit of the musky South, A creole with still-burning, languid eyes, Voluptuous limbs and incense-breathing mouth: Swathed in spun gauze is she, From fibres of her own anana tree.

It resembles an anana, which bears fruit only in the green-house, but fades and withers in the fresh air.

Uit de bloemen van een zilveren korf verhief een ananas heur kroon van stekelig loof.