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Crossword clues for analogs


alt. (context US English) (plural of analog English) n. (context US English) (plural of analog English)

Usage examples of "analogs".

There were four cruiser analogs, a warship analog, a skip carrier, and twenty frigates.

Half a dozen corvette analogs left their blockade posts to defend the larger ship, and long tongues of plasma began to arc out from the cruiser itself.

There were eight light cruisers and twice that number of frigate and corvette analogs on his tail, and they were all traveling far too fast to intend decelerating anywhere near Eclipse.

Star Destroyer reduced the number of cruiser analogs to five with a devastating turbolaser volley, and the A-wings reduced it to four with a high-speed concussion missile-proton torpedo combination pass.

He even managed to narrow the likely yammosk ships down to three destroyer analogs and half a dozen big cruisers.

Several cruiser analogs and two destroyer-sized vessels began to break up instantly.

Finally, though, the fire began to dwindle, and the destroyer analogs started to take hits.