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Anak (; Heb. 'nq spelt as both ענק and as הענק depending upon the reference) is a figure in the Hebrew Bible in the conquest of Canaan by the Israelites who, according to the Book of Numbers, was a forefather of the Anakim (Heb. Anakim) who have been considered "strong and tall," they were also said to have been a mixed race of giant people, descendants of the Nephilim . The use of the word "nephilim" in this verse describes a crossbreed of God's sons and the daughters of man, as cited in and . The text states that Anak was a Rephaite and a son of Arba . Etymologically, Anak means [long] neck.

Anak (song)

"Anak" ( Filipino for child or more accurately my son or my daughter) is a Tagalog song written by Filipino folk-singer Freddie Aguilar. It was a finalist for the inaugural 1977 Metropop Song Festival held in Manila. It became an international hit, and was translated into 26 languages. The lyrics speak of Filipino family values. The current copyright owner of the song is Star Music.

Anak (disambiguation)

Anak is a figure in the Hebrew Bible said to be the forefather of the Anakites.

Anak may also refer to:

  • Anak County, a county in South Hwanghae province, North Korea
    • Anak Tomb No. 3, noted archeological site in North Korea
  • ANAK Society, secret society at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Israeli Air Force nickname for their Boeing 377M Stratocruisers
  • Temple for restoring full hit points in the computer role-playing game Drakkhen
  • Anak the Parthian, a noble who lived in the mid 3rd century who murdered King Khosrov II of Armenia

In Malayo-Polynesian languages such as Indonesian, Malaysian, and Tagalog, anak means " child". In this sense it may refer to:

  • Anak (song), 1977 Filipino song by Freddie Aguilar
  • Anak (film), 2000 Filipino film
  • Anak Wungsu, Balinese monarch of the 10th century AD
  • Anak Mindanao, Philippine party list
Anak (film)

The Child (Anak) is a 2000 Filipino family drama film directed by Rory Quintos starring Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto with Baron Geisler.The film was critically acclaimed by film critics. It was the Philippines' submission to the 73rd Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee.The film is often regarded as the best Filipino film of all time.

The film has been restored by ABS-CBN Film Archives. The restored version premiered on ABS-CBN's movie channel, Cinema One, on May 22, 2013.