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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ana- \An"a-\ [Gr. 'ana` on; in comp., on, up, upwards.] A prefix in words from the Greek, denoting up, upward, throughout, backward, back, again, anew.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

before verbs an-, prefix meaning

  1. "upward,"

  2. "back, backward, against,"

  3. "again, anew," from Greek ana- "up to, toward, exceedingly, back, against," from ana "up, on, upon, throughout, again," cognate with Old English on, from PIE root *ano- "on, upon, above" (see on).


pre. 1 up 2 on 3 again 4 apiece

Usage examples of "ana-".

She pulled on her better, light gray sweat pants in place of the dark blue ones with the hole in the knee, and a white T-shirt with the banana-slug logo of UC Santa Cruz on the place where the breast pocket would have been, and got into bed.

Morgana-" He reached up to set one of the complex arrangements of beads and stones at her ears jangling.

After five frustrating minutes-during which he tried not to remember how simple it had been for Ana-he managed to hold the dog's hindquarters down.

The sly, endearing elf from one of Boone's books, and-a complete surprise to Ana-one of her aunt's prized illustrations.