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The Collaborative International Dictionary

An't \An't\ A contraction for are and am not; also used for is not; -- now usually written ain't. [Colloq. & illiterate speech.]


contraction 1 (context dialect archaic English) shortening of amn't, from am not 2 (context dialect archaic English) respelling of aren't, from are not, in non-rhotic dialects 3 (context dialect archaic English) variant of isn't, from is not

Usage examples of "an't".

If the woman's spirit is too strong for the man's, or won't yield to it, she can't conceive.

So if a woman wants a child and can't have one, most often the shaman will treat her husband, or both of them, rather than just her.

I can't mend it, but I can draw the remnants of the broken tooth, and treat the gum to prevent infection.

So you're thinking that if you take the available men from the Ridge-can't you leave out a few?

I can't recall2-12 Diana Gabaldonactually wearing them for more than an hour at a time, and after I'd lost the third pair, my father gave up.

Mama says he has a good sense of rhythm, but he can't tell one note from another.

He can't be tracking the boy in the dark, and if he'd lost him, he would have come back already.

It looks like she's been tippling all day-she can't have been dashing out here with every cup.

I can't quite put into words what it is here, but now that I've slept on it, I just know-I thinkit's wrong," I ended, rather lamely.

But I can't say for sure whether she'd been given the ground glass before you and Bree found her, or whether perhaps she roused from her stupor in the early evening, and someone gave it to her then.

If he canna convince Tryon-which he can't-perhaps Tryon will convince Husband that he's in earnest.

I never did see this 'un, so I can't say was it the white one or no-but it surely did cat on that Indian.

I,rn all right during the day, but at night, I can't help thinkoch, well," he said softly.

Ican't fit much in that dinky thing, but I couldn't take the wash up to the big kettle at the house, because of washing the floor and spinning, When you do wash outside, you have to stay there, to tend the fire and stir it, so you can't do much else at the same time.

That way, he'll have to wake to piss every half-hour, and can't get started %T the sort of rumption that shakes the shingles loose.