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contraction and

Usage examples of "an'".

They be all very well for comers and trippers, an' the like, but not for a nice young lady like you.

Why should a prince be excused, when a peasant Is bullied an' blamed for a mich smaller fault?

Wi mi scanty, hard won meal, One thowt still shall mak me glad, Thankful that alone aw feel What it is to tew an' strive Just to keep a soul alive.

Whear grass and daisies grew, An' trees wi spreeadin boughs aboon Ther solemn shadows threw.

Yo mun leearn to tak nowt as a bother, An' to yor own comforts be blind.

Tha saw me every day, An' said tha knew noa happiness When aw wor foorced away.

Gie me all this, an' aw shall be Content, withaat a daat, But if denied, then let me be Content to live withaat.

Joints is the only place you can pull up, an' when you stop you got to buy somepin so you can sling the bull with the broad behind the counter.

I thought how maybe they liked to hurt themselves, an' maybe I liked to hurt myself.

Says he come back where they got a few conveniences an' he eats regular.

They cut her in two an' drug her over with twelve head of horses and two mules.

Well, he killed that shoat right there, an' he got Ma to light up the stove.

He et chops till the ribs was done, an' he et ribs till the leg was done.

She aimed to go for that peddler with the ax, but she forgot which hand was which, an' she takes after him with the chicken.

But when a bunch of men take an' lock you up four years, it ought to have some meaning.