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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Amygdalate \A*myg"da*late\, a. [L. amygdala, amygdalum, almond, Gr. ?, ?. See Almond.] Pertaining to, resembling, or made of, almonds.


Amygdalate \A*myg"da*late\, n.

  1. (Med.) An emulsion made of almonds; milk of almonds.
    --Bailey. Coxe.

  2. (Chem.) A salt amygdalic acid.


a. Of or pertaining to almonds. n. 1 (context obsolete uncountable English) almond milk 2 (context organic chemistry countable English) Any salt or ester of amygdalic acid.

Usage examples of "amygdalate".

And one day I'll have a surgeon dig all the silicon out of my amygdalate, and I'll live with my own memories and nobody else's, the way other people do.