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Amun (disambiguation)

Amun (Amun, Amon, Ammon, Aman, Amoun, or Hammon) is an Egyptian god.

Amun may also refer to:

  • 3554 Amun, a near-Earth asteroid
  • Saint Amun
  • Amun-Re (board game)
  • Ammon (disambiguation)
  • Amoun, another name of the ascetic Ammonas
  • Amon, a character in " Legend of Korra"

Amun (also Amon , Amen; Ámmōn, Hámmōn) was a major Egyptian deity and Berber deity. He was attested since the Old Kingdom together with his spouse Amaunet. With the 11th dynasty ( 21st century BC), he rose to the position of patron deity of Thebes by replacing Monthu.

After the rebellion of Thebes against the Hyksos and with the rule of Ahmose I, Amun acquired national importance, expressed in his fusion with the Sun god, Ra, as Amun-Ra or Amun-Re.

Amun-Ra retained chief importance in the Egyptian pantheon throughout the New Kingdom (with the exception of the " Atenist heresy" under Akhenaten). Amun-Ra in this period (16th to 11th centuries BC) held the position of transcendental, self-created creator deity "par excellence", he was the champion of the poor or troubled and central to personal piety. His position as King of Gods developed to the point of virtual monotheism where other gods became manifestations of him. With Osiris, Amun-Ra is the most widely recorded of the Egyptian gods. As the chief deity of the Egyptian Empire, Amun-Ra also came to be worshipped outside of Egypt, in Ancient Libya and Nubia, and as Zeus Ammon came to be identified with Zeus in Ancient Greece.