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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Amt \Amt\, n.; pl. Amter, E. Amts. [Dan. & Norw., fr. G.] An administrative territorial division in Denmark and Norway.

Each of the provinces [of Denmark] is divided into several amts, answering . . . to the English hundreds.
--Encyc. Brit.


AMTS may refer to:

  • Abbreviated mental test score
  • Advanced Mobile Telephone System
  • Automated Maritime Telecommunications System
  • Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service

Usage examples of "amts".

She wrapped her amts around him, more for his sake, he guessed, than because she was scared.

  Sample contains small amts manganese, carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, and silicon, some nickel, zirconium, and tungsten with admixture chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium.

Responsibility for cryptanalysis and cryptography is distributed among a large number of small Amts and Diensts attached to various tendrils of this structure.