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Amtrack can refer to:

  • Amtrak, commonly misspelled as Amtrack, is the inter-city passenger railroad in the United States.
  • Military amphibious tracked vehicles; particularly the World War II-era Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) series of vehicles (also known as amtracs, amtraks, and amtanks)

Usage examples of "amtrack".

It was an article of faith among Marine Corps officers and men alike that if you ate apricots on a tank or an amtrack, that vehicle was going to break down.

The Marines piled out of the amtrack as the driver shut the engine off.

Dozens of LVTP-7 amtracks, each carrying twenty men, churned through light surf at nine knots toward the beach.

The first amtracks growled ashore at 0750 hours, just twenty minutes after sunrise.

By the time the amtracks were coming ashore, the most stubborn defenses had already been overrun or neutralized.