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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Amsel \Am"sel\, Amzel \Am"zel\, n. [Ger. See Ousel.] (Zo["o]l.) The European ring ousel ( Turdus torquatus).


Amsel may refer to:

  • Amsel (surname)
  • Amsel, Algeria, a village in Tamanrasset Province, Algeria
Amsel (surname)

Amsel is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Beth Amsel, singer-songwriter
  • Robert Amsel, gay rights activist
  • Richard Amsel, American illustrator and graphic designer

Fictional characters:

  • General Heinrich Amsel, Nazi general and antagonist in Call Of Duty: World at War

Usage examples of "amsel".

But the acoustics of the shaft magnify and multiply the sound so forebodingly that Amsel stops in the middle of his skulduggery, looks behind him over his rounded back, and turns the flashlight on his friend.

When Amsel was baptized and the birds gave the first sign, Hedwig Lau had still been swimming in amniotic fluid.

Over and over again they count the seven resurrected tails, slap Amsel on his round freckly back, and promise that if Mallenbrand has no objection they will dispense with his services as the afternoon schlagball victim.

A little later, when school began for Eduard Amsel, it was Herr Olschewski, the young schoolmaster in Nickelswalde -- for Schiewenhorst did not maintain a school -- who was obliged to stand still when his freckliest pupil planted him, insubstantial as a scarecrow, on the great dune to the right of the river mouth.

Meanwhile -- for when a missile has reached that infinitesimal point after which descent begins, it hesitates for a moment, and pretends to stand still -- while then the pocket-knife stands still at its zenith, Amsel tears his gaze away from the object that has reached this infinitesimal point and once more -- the object is already falling quickly fitfully, because now more exposed to the head wind, riverward -- has his eye on his friend Matern who is still teetering on the ball of his foot and his toes sockless in high shoe, holding his right hand high and far from his body, while his left arm steers and tries to keep him in balance.

Amsel is scratching again in the dirt with his shoe, looking and looking.

And several times Eddi Amsel produced a painful likeness of these shameful positions with dashing rich-black brush, with scratching spread-foot pen, with gushing and gifted bamboo quill.

Albrecht Amsel was known as a wholesale purchaser of fresh-water fish as well as deep-sea fish: chests of the lightest pinewood, golden yellow and packed full of smoked flounder, smoked eel, sprats both loose and bundled, lampreys, codfish roe, and strongly or subtly smoked Vistula salmon, with the inscription: A.

The carpenter might have exacted the rag in return, perhaps for use in the machine shop -- where wiping rags were always needed -- but my father paid, exacted nothing, and even apologized, as carpenters tend to apologize, with embarrassed condescension and a clearing of the throat, and Amsel remained the usufructuary of the garment which, though fragmentary, was susceptible of transformation.

Another time -- Jenny, Amsel, and Matern were absent be cause Jenny was having her ballet lesson -- Tulla swiped two schlagball balls for us, and a kid from the Athletic and Fencing Club was suspected.

I am writing, to whom I am writing, although if Brauxel had his way, I should be writing of nothing but Eddi Amsel, Tulla arranged for our watchdog Harras to attack Felsner-Imbs, the piano teacher and ballet pianist, a second time.

Eddi Amsel and Jenny Brunies huddle mustily on the sofa in the background.

In blue-gray smocks under blue-gray caps, with mouse-gray earmuffs and black woolen mufflers, they posed parentless and shivering until Amsel dismissed them with little bags of candy.

How the kitten purred when from coarse burlap, onion sacks, and other permeable material Eddi Amsel sewed shirtlike undergarments.

Amsel, and she alone, whom he is permitted at this point to excerpt from the village idyl, for she is the mother of our plumpish Eduard Amsel, who in the course of the first to fourth morning shifts fished beanpoles, roofing laths, and heavy waterlogged rags from the rising Vistula and is now, like Walter Matern, about to be baptized.