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init. 1 (initialism of mass spectrometry Accelerator Mass Spectrometry English) 2 (context computing English) (initialism of Application Management Software English)


AMS or Ams may refer to:

AMS (Advanced Music Systems)

AMS (Advanced Music Systems) were a manufacturer of professional studio equipment. The company later merged with Neve Electronics to form the award winning AMS Neve Ltd company, who received an Emmy in 1992 and a Grammy in 2000.

Usage examples of "ams".

Harry’s dre­ams we­re con­fu­sed and dis­tur­bing: Na­gi­ni wo­ve in and out of them, first thro­ugh a wre­ath of Christ­mas ro­ses.

With scre­ams of pa­in, Ron, Her­mi­one, and the two gob­lins we­re knoc­ked asi­de in­to ot­her obj­ects, which al­so be­gan to rep­li­ca­te.

They wa­ited in the dark­ness, lis­te­ning to the fo­ots­teps run­ning up and down, be­ams of light flying along the stre­et from the De­ath Eaters’ se­arc­hing wands.

Every he­ad tur­ned, every eye in the pla­ce se­emed to ha­ve fo­und Harry, to hold him fo­re­ver in the gla­re of tho­usands of in­vi­sib­le be­ams.

The­re we­re no flas­hes of light now, no bangs or scre­ams or sho­uts.

If the plans we we­re ma­king ca­me to fru­iti­on, all my dre­ams wo­uld co­me true.

Two months of in­sa­nity, of cru­el dre­ams, and neg­lect of the only two mem­bers of my fa­mily left to me.

He va­nis­hed, with his plans for se­izing po­wer, and his sche­mes for Mug­gle tor­tu­re, and his dre­ams of the De­athly Hal­lows, dre­ams in which I had en­co­ura­ged him and hel­ped him.

Vol­de­mort be­gan to la­ugh, and the so­und was mo­re frigh­te­ning than his scre­ams.

By Dreams Surrounded The Morning and the Evening Spin The Abyss in Flames Ars Moriendi 4X109 A.

I remember nothing of it apart from a recurring dread (it came at hourly intervals) that the drug had blanked more memory than I would ever recover, a sense of irretrievable loss akin to those dreams in which one searches futilely for the missing wallet, watch, prized possession, or sense of self.

The nav programs are multiply redundant but the hardware itself is no bigger than a cell phone, powered by solar panels.

By the end of September there was a massive concrete foundation where there used to be scrub pine and ratty palmettos, a great rigging of steel beams and aluminum piping.

I lifted it away and slid the overnight bag into the space behind it, then fitted the drywall in place and brushed chalky dust over the visible seams.

Pastor Dan had the gift of looking into Scripture and finding knowledge on every page—knowledge solid as a house, beams and pillars of knowledge.