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Amrak or Ashina Anluo was the fifth ruler of the Turkic Khaganate. It was a khagan (emperor) of the Turkic Khaganate (also called Göktürks) in the sixth century. Amrak was his personal name. His regnal title is not known . According to Chinese chronicles he was called Anluo Khagan.

Turkic Khaganette was an empire controlling the steps of Central Asia and most of East Europe in the sixth century. Amrak's father Taspar Khagan was the fourth khagan (emperor) of empire. Although he was enthroned after his father's death in 581, soon his cousin Talopien ( Mukan Khagan's son) rebelled claiming that Taspar willed the title to him. Another cousin Shetu ( Issik Khagan's son) however supported Amrak. Amrak, being the least powerful of the three abandoned and renounced his title in favor of Shetu. In turn Shetu (regnal title Ishbara) declared him a lesser kahagan in Tuul River valley (now in Mongolia).