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Amra is the name of certain ancient Irish elegies or panegyrics on native saints. The best known is the Amra of Coluimb Cille ( Columbkille). It was printed with a translation by O'Beirne Crowe in 1871 from the imperfect text in the Lebor na hUidre; also in his edition of the " Liber Hymnorum" by Professor Atkinson, and in his "Goidelica" by Whitley Stokes, from an imperfect text in Trinity College, Dublin.

These editions may, however, be considered as superseded by the Bodleian text (Rawlinson B. 502) edited, with a translation, for the first time (Rev. Celt., vols. XX-XXI) by Stokes.

Usage examples of "amra".

For Amra the Lion had swaggered out of the mists of legend to recruit a crew for some unknown venture into the Western Sea.

Mayhap this be the same Amra of whose deeds we have heard - and mayhap not.

Alvaro of the Falcon was accounted the deadliest blade among the Isles - and Amra, gray with years, was an unknown adversary.

And Sigurd, while a mighty man whose name commanded respect among the Red Brotherhood, lacked the aura of invincible luck and supernatural power that accompanied Amra the Lion.

Kept a secret, Amra would be a dagger to thrust into the bellies of rivals for the ivory stool of the war chief.

Stout fighters every one of them, they knew that none of them could have done half of what Amra had done.

Idosso would preen himself as one whom even mighty Amra dared not challenge.

In Amra, she has had only the kind of man who makes his bed with such as Govindue.

It was not impossible that Kubwande might have the wits to follow the victorious Amra, at least until Amra had led the way out of the Pictish Wilderness.

By now, they all owed their lives to Conan more than once, and Govindue was sure they would owe much more to the man who would not be called Amra before they saw the Bamula lands again.

Then he announced that I was Amra, the Lion, and his friend, and no harm should come to me.

Here he is known of old, and Amra the Lion has no difficulty in making his way to the coast, which he had ravaged in his days with Belit But Belit is now only a memory on the Black Coast.

Aquilonia will remember me as Conan of the Barachan pirates, or Amra of the black corsairs.

Let Argos forget Amra, and let my dealings with him be lost in the dust of the past.

The blacks were frothing crazy now, shaking and tearing at their chains and shrieking the name of Amra like an invocation.