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init. (context emergency medicine English) American Medical Response


Amr or AMR may refer to:

Amr (name)

Amr is an Arabic male name.

Usage examples of "amr".

Damia had met Amr at Luciano's when Uncle Gollee had had to cancel a lunch date.

They had spent that whole first night dancing, and Amr had walked her back to Central Station which despatched people to any part of the world.

Several times in the past weeks Amr had had to break out of their passion for fear that they would violate the few remaining blue laws.

He had not figured out who she was, having never seen the lofty Jeff Raven nor any of the Gwyn-Raven clan, but Amr had figured out that she was young and a virgin.

Being dormed at Trainee Quarters, Amr had no room of his own for such an assignation and Damia had dodged the possibility of using her house by saying that her parents were always around and that would inhibit her.

Damia had left an overnight bag at Earth Station several weeks before when she had first made up her mind and had retrieved it before she met Amr.

The urgency abated slightly on the trip up to their room but Amr teased her back into passion.

Passion was not new to Damia: she and Amr had spent many evenings locked in tight embraces but always before she had broken free when her passion threatened to overwhelm her.

Gently Amr drew her into his arms, sliding them down her stately shoulders to her delicate waist.

Soon they were on the bed, Amr running crafty hands all over her body and Damia lost in a shower of feeling that threatened to drown her.

She froze for a moment when she did, looking up at him with a frightened expression but Amr smiled tenderly through his passion and gently flexed his flanks.

Damia heard the accusation in his tone, unwillingly offered to stop but Amr thrust himself deeper in her, thrust his tongue into her mouth, crying: No!

They continued, Damia reviving Amr's flagging passions until they were both afloat on a wave of emotion, drained, recharged, sizzling electric ecstasy pounded over them, through them, around them wave after wave.

Damia awoke with Amr's eyes glittering on her, following the line of her body like daggers.

We have to know how Amr's handling this, he said, then strengthened his 'pathing.