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init. 1 (label en electronics) Advanced Mobile Phone System, American Mobile Phone System, 2 All Media and Products Survey.


AMPS, Amps or amps may refer to:

Usage examples of "amps".

It was still basically a Flux area and anything done to it now would simply be negated by his people when the big amps arrived.

Haller received the first of four big amps the remote computers with which he and his team could work their magic.

Interestingly, the pair going down the east side and also had experiences with the grid, but they had less hours, overall, on the big amps than either he or Connie, and maybe they were less emotional, but nothing major happened to them.

However, the bottom line is really that such programs are dependent on the computers and the amplifiershuge numbers of remote interfaces and amps are required.

Clearly, the invaders had amplification devices strong enough to overcome an array of big amps, but it was highly dubious that they could overcome all twenty-eight Kagans working together through the network.

Dominating the peaceful pocket were three big amps, enough juice to create half an Anchor or maybe more.

There are those among us who are certain that alternate means of powering even big amps and god guns can be found if we have all the details and schematics.

Cst, increases as the square root of the product NIA, where N is the number of turns of wire in the coil, each wire carrying a current of I amps, and A is the area encircled by the wire.

The total mass of a 50 km length of commercially available high-temperature superconducting wire capable of carrying 100 amps amounts to less than 275 kg.

GeV, requires an energy input of about 7,000 joules and a persistent circulating current of 250 amps, if a 20 km deployed superconducting wire coil is used.

Multi-spectrum photon amps tracked the tormented streamers of cloud as they streaked towards England, building in power, in velocity.

She had dreamed about him the night before, rolling, clanking away from her down a straight old macadam road, out in the country, fields and hills in metallic cloudlight toward the end of the day, aware of exactly how many hours and minutes to dark, how many foot-candles left in the sky, bringing behind him like ducklings a line of lamps, generators, and beam projectors each on its little trailer rig, heading for his next job, the next carnival or auto lot, still wanting nothing but the deadly amps transmogrified to light, the great white-hot death-cold spill and flood and thrust, wherever he had to go, on whatever terms he had to take, to get to keep doing it.