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Amor may refer to:

  • Eros, the Greek god of love
  • Cupid, the Roman god of love
  • Amor Mašović (born 1955), Bosnian politician
  • Amor Kehiha (born 1977), French-Algerian footballer
  • Amor Hamdi, Tunisian rugby union player
Other uses
  • The land of the ancient Amorites, also known as Amurru
  • 1221 Amor, an asteroid
  • Amor asteroid, a group of near-Earth asteroids named after 1221 Amor
  • Amor (automobile), a German car
  • "Amor" (1943 song)
  • "Amor" (Ricky Martin song)
  • "Amor" (Cristian Castro song), a 1996 Latin song
  • Amor Vincit Omnia (Caravaggio), 17th-century painting
  • Amor (film), a 1940 Argentine comedy film
  • Amor, the Hebrew name for a biblical passage, taken from Leviticus 21:1–24:23
  • WPAT-FM, branded as 93.1 Amor, a radio station in Paterson, New Jersey
Amor (automobile)

The Amor was a small German automobile built in limited numbers in Cologne from 1924 to 1925; the car had a 16 hp four-cylinder proprietary engine. Its name means "love" in Spanish and Portuguese.

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Amor (film)

Amor is a 1940 Argentine comedy film directed and written by Luis Bayón Herrera and starring Severo Fernández.

Amor (1943 song)

"Amor", also "Amor Amor" and "Amor Amor Amor" is a popular song.

The music was written by Gabriel Ruiz, the original Spanish lyrics by Ricardo López Méndez, with English lyrics written by Sunny Skylar. The original title and opening line "Amor, Amor, Amor" became "More and more Amor" in the English version. The song was published in 1943.

The two biggest-selling versions in the United States were recorded by Bing Crosby and Andy Russell.

The recording by Bing Crosby was released by Decca Records as catalog number 18608. It first reached the Billboard magazine Best Seller chart on June 29, 1944, and lasted 7 weeks on the chart, peaking at #4. The flip side was " Long Ago (and Far Away)," which also charted, making this a two-sided hit.

The recording by Andy Russell was released by Capitol Records as catalog number 156. It first reached the Billboard magazine Best Seller chart on May 25, 1944, and lasted 8 weeks on the chart, peaking at #5.

In 1961, American soul singer Ben E. King covered the song and it appears on his album Spanish Harlem. It was released as a single, and peaked at #18 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #10 on the R&B chart.

Rod McKuen recorded a disco version in 1977.

Julio Iglesias has recorded the original Spanish version.

Luis Miguel covered the song which was released as the lead single from his album Mis Romances (2001). The song peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart.

Amor (Ricky Martin song)

"Amor" ( English: "Love") is the first English-language single from Ricky Martin's greatest hits album, The Best of Ricky Martin (2001). Originally, the song was included on the 2000 album, Sound Loaded. The Best of Ricky Martin contains two remixes of "Amor," by Salaam Remi and Jonathan Peters.

"Amor" was released on November 26, 2001 in selected European countries.

The song reached number eighty-two in Switzerland in December 2001.

Amor (Cristian Castro song)

"Amor" is a song written and performed by Mexican singer Cristian Castro. It was released in 1996 as the lead single from his fourth album El Deseo De Oír Tu Voz. In 2013, it was named the Best Latin Love Song of All Time by Billboard magazine.

Usage examples of "amor".

E dolcemente stringe, a baccia in bocca: Tu puoi pensar se allora la saetta Dirizza Amor, se in mezzo al cor mi tocca.

They established a central camp and place of arms in the land of Amor, or of the Amorites, and their southward movement speedily became a menace to the Egyptian Empire.

Comentei: - Nosso amor fez bem ao deles, que estava meio debilitado pela gravidez e pelo parto.

OLIVARII GOLDSMITH, Poetae, Physici, Historici, Qui nullum fere scribendi genus Non tetigit, Nullum quod tetiqit non ornavit: Sive risus essent movendi, Sive lacrymae, Affectuum potens at lenis dominator: Ingenio sublimis, vividus, versatilis, Oratione grandis, nitidus, venustus: Hoc monumento memoriam coluit Sodalium amor, Amicorum fides, Lectorum veneratio.

It had not struck him before that Amor and her group accepted the idea of a primitive existence.

The rereading after three weeks was even more interesting than he had expected, now that his lips did not tighten with anger at the ruthless way Leear had precipitated him into Naze, and so, callously, caused the death of Amor and Caldra.

And it had taken the sight of her dead body and a mental picture of Amor similarly murdered to affect him.

Caldra and Amor begin to seem just a little unreal, like figments of a dream.

Slade knew that he had come a long way out of a dangerous mental state when he could think of Amor and feel satiric about his impulse to ask her to marry him.

He owed her nothing anyway but a punch in the nose for being indirectly responsible for the death of Amor and Caldra.

Yo, que no he sido padre, sentí por ese pobre muchacho, más íntimo que un hijo de mi carne, una oleada de amor.

En esta noche de sus ojos mortales, a la que ahora descendía, lo aguardaban también el amor y el riesgo, Ares y Afrodita, porque ya adivinaba (porque ya lo cercaba) un rumor de gloria y de hexámetros, un rumor de hombres que defienden un templo que los dioses no salvarán y de bajeles negros que buscan por el mar una isla querida, el rumor de las Odiseas e Ilíadas que era su destino cantar y dejar resonando cóncavamente en la memoria humana.

Illic Leniades humili regnabat in aula, Leniades magnis nobilitatus avis: Una duas habuit casa cum genitore puellas, Quas Amor undarum fingeret esse deas: Non tamen inculti gelidis latuere sub antris, Accola Danubii qualia saevus habet.

Tienen un innegable sentido del humor, aunque bastante limitado, y un feroz amor por su tribu y su ciu­dad, y una verdadera pasión por la libertad individual.

In other words, I make you aware of this amor stuff not as confession of personal misdeeds but to make full disclosure of situation that could influence my judgment vis-a-vis Semper Marine and conceivably negatively impact shareholder value, or, much more plausibly, that could be SEEN as doing so by minority-shareholder lawyers who infest our industry like guinea worms, and used as pretext for legal action).